“No New Work” (1993) is a 17 x 11 inch unbound book that is housed in a clamshell box. It is installed on a specially designed 14-foot counter with an internal light source. This allows light to pass through the pages illuminating the photographs, which are palladium prints on vellum, and revealing the fibrous traces of my daughter’s cloth diapers, which the paper is made from. It was conceived as a site-specific protest for the University Faculty Exhibition when I was an Assistant Professor with young children.




“House of Cards: Maternal Queens” (1997) is a set of eight 5 x 4 inch playing cards that can be made into a house. They are all queens with dark photographic self-portraits. It is a response to four social myths about motherhood (e.g. Once a woman becomes a mother a force known as “maternal instinct” allows her to miraculously transcend the deficits of her own childhood and meet all of the emotional demands of her children).

“Baby Talk Flash Cards” (1998) is a boxed set of twelve 6 x 4 inch inkjet printed full-color cards. Each card features a scan-o-gram and descriptive baby talk word on one side and the English translation on the flip side. They are fully functional for teaching adults to speak baby talk and guaranteed authentic. Every word uttered by a real baby.
“Pre-Verbal Flash Cards” (1998) is a boxed set of eight 6 x 4 inch inkjet printed full-color cards designed to return the adult who is weary of the demands of rationality to the world of the pre-speaking infant. The objects are formally beautiful symmetrical devices designed to extend the reach of the caretaker into the baby’s body. They block (temporarily) to clear, hurt (temporarily) to help, and stifle (temporarily) to protect.
  “A is for Autonomy”(2001) is a boxed set of twenty-six 5 x 3 inch alphabet cards letterpress printed in two colors with a blind emboss. Each card has a large red block letter, a corresponding psychoanalytic term in black, and another word that refers to the visceral world of emotions blind embossed and lurking in the background. It is about the impulses of science to rationalize the nonrational.
  “Alice’s Idea” (2002) (2004) is a 14 3/4 by 10 1/4 inch hardbound folio containing a platinum/palladium print and shaped text. It is letterpress printed in three colors on Rives BFK and Fabriano Ingres. The story is about a photography project I helped my teenage daughter with and can be found in the “writing” section of this site.